Out of Time’s Abyss by Rebecca Branch

Out of Times Abyss

About the Book:

A trip to Florence at the height of the Renaissance has caused a rift in time. The Travelers return to New York and find books missing chapters, familiar people displaced or unborn, technological advances gone. Their visit to the Medici court has changed something and only one man can help them resolve the problem, Leonardo da Vinci.

My Review:

Out of Time’s Abyss is the fourth book in the Art Historian Superhero Series. When I started reading it I wasn’t sure what to make of it, it isn’t really a book I would normally pick to read. This story line confused me a little at first but the more I read the easier it became to understand what was going on.

The book is about time travel, one of the main characters Max is a time traveler and he is able to travel to all different decades from the past to the future, he does this mostly with his wife Sally. A trip to florence in the height of the renaissance has caused a rift in time and the main character has to try and but the issue right. There are a number of characters within this book all very well written and established, the author Rebecca Branch has really figured out how to bring these characters to life.

I really enjoyed the storyline but found the erotica side to it very random, I really didn’t feel it was needed. The story itself is strong enough without it and felt it took away from the book and slowed it down.

All in all I enjoyed the book once I got into it and excepted there would be random sex scenes. I will definitely read the other books within the series. Out of Time’s Abyss can be found on amazon and is free for Kindle Unlimited members or 99p for anyone else.

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