Disaster-in-Waiting by Elle M Thomas


About the Book:

Disaster-in-Waiting is a story of love, passion and the realisation that everything you have ever known and imagined as your future may not be as secure or set in stone as you’d thought.
Eloise Ross is married to Michael, her much older and recently retired husband. He fills his days with golf and walking the dog, while she fills her days working as a newly appointed P.A. to the CEO of an international company.
One night, disillusioned with her sexless marriage she goes out alone, drinks beer and dances with a handsome stranger. The moves on the dance floor quickly lead to passion and excitement like El has never known, but it was only one night, one time. Just that once couldn’t mean anything, could it?
That once changed her view on everything she’d ever thought she’d known or valued; her home, family, responsibilities, husband and marriage, but most of all herself.
As her life begins to unravel, with twists and turns that make her laugh, cry and despair El has only one constant to hang onto, her handsome stranger. However, with destiny intent on throwing them together he becomes less and less of a stranger.
With her inability to escape him and the feelings and thoughts he evokes in her spiralling out of control her life takes on a route paved with lies, secrets and discovery where the only destination is likely to be heartbreak and disaster.

My Review:

Disaster-in-waiting is fantastic, Elle literally has you hooked by the end of the first chapter. If I had to put the book down to get one with something else, I was like an addict anticipating my next hit, I couldn’t get it out of my head. This book has everything you could want in a romance novel, and more.

Elle M Thomas has captured the characters El and Cy brilliantly. Cy is everything you would want in a man, he is sexy and sensitive but naughty when you need him to be. El is lovable, there are times you feel sorry for her, times you want to shake her and times you just want to be her friend. This book has you riding an emotional rollercoaster right alongside the characters. There are twist’s within the storyline which keep you wondering. This book has a number of sex scenes throughout, I didn’t think it needed quite so many, but it didn’t put me off.

I loved everything about this book and would recommend this to everyone. Elle M Thomas is a great author and I look forward to reading more of her books in the future.

Now go and get this downloaded on your kind, its a must read!! Its available to download on amazon for just 99p or if your a kindle unlimited member it is free.

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