The Fox in the Box by Amanda Gee (Illustrated by Lee Holland)

Fox in the Box.jpg

About the Book:

When Lydia finds a lost baby fox outside her back door, they set off together to look for his family. But on the way, they discover a terrible disaster is about to overtake their village. Can they stop it…..and will the cub find what he’s looking for?

My Review:

I’m very excited to write this review, this is my very first Children’s Book Review. Children’s books are very important to me, due to my daughter sharing the same passion about books as me. When Fox in the Box arrived in the post my daughter and I were very excited for bed time. It was nice to be able to share my new journey of reviewing books with Emma.

We both loved Fox in the Box, I think it is beautifully written and loved that it was written in verse, we loved rhyming books. The length of the book is perfect for bedtime with it not being too long but long enough to settle little ones down. The illustrations in this book really help tell the story, they are beautiful and really bring the story to life on the page. I love that Amanda has been able to write about a serious topic in a wonderful way for children to understand, and will hopefully take away that wild animals are very important to us and we must do everything we should to keep them safe. I really loved Fox in the Box, it is our new favourite in the Hyde household.

The Fox in the Box

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