#Blogtour 37 Hours by J. F. Kirwan @kirwanjf

37 hours

About the Book:

The only way to hunt down a killer is to become one.
Imprisoned by MI6 for two long years in solitary, Nadia suddenly finds herself free again. But there is a price to pay for her release. Another dangerous and near impossible mission – retrieve the Russian nuclear warhead stolen by her old nemesis, the deadliest of terrorists.
But he is always one step ahead, and soon Nadia finds herself at the front line of preventing London from disappearing into a cloud of ash. Only this time, she is ready to pull the trigger at any cost.
And with the clock counting down from 37 hours, time is running out…
My Review:
37 hours is absolutely gripping, I really enjoyed 66 metres by J. F. Kirwan but 37 hours was brilliant. It is jam packed full of action from the very beginning right to the end. It is phenomenal I couldn’t put it down. It kept me on the edge of my seat wanting to devour every word needing to know that was going to happen next.
Nadia the main character, is truly fantastic throughout the entire book. She is a law unto herself which makes her the best person for any job. Within the book Nadia has to deal with a lot of heart ache which only makes her even more dangerous. I was thrilled when Jake turned up, Nadia and Jake really do make a great team, making the book well rounded. Jakes arrival in the book will have you jumping up and down (It is so hard not to tell you everything)
If you are looking for a book filled with suspense and action, then this is the one for you. There was never a point within the book that I got bored and had to have a break. If anything I had to take a break from all the excitement or the fact I had been reading it for hours and my eyes felt like they could fall out.
From starting this series as someone who had never read a spy thriller, I am so in love with this series and filled with anticipation for the next book. J F Kirwan really does know how to write a cracking book, and is a wonderful author. 37 hours completely exceeded all my expectations
KIRWAN Barry 02 ret 6x8 cropped
About the Author:
 In his day job, J. F. Kirwan travels worldwide, working on aviation safety. He lives in Paris, where he first joined a fiction class – and became hooked! So when a back injury stopped him scuba diving for two years, he wrote a thriller about a young Russian woman, Nadia, where a lot of the action occurred in dangerously deep waters. It was the only way he could carry on diving! But as the story and characters grew, he realised it was not one book, but three…
37 Hours Blog Tour


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