Game of Thrones 1-7 Book Collection

game of thrones

My Review:

Having recently watched 1-7 series of Game of Thrones TV Show I thought I finish my binge with a Game of Thrones review. Now I read this series quite a few years ago now and was totally hooked, I wasn’t going to watch the TV show but eventually gave into temptation. The books really are one of the best series I have ever read, George R.R Martin has done wonders with this series. Most people now have watched the TV series but if you are reading this and have some how being living under a rock for the past 7 years and never heard of Game of Thrones and love fantasy then you need to read this series.

Now with this series there are a number of characters you have got to keep tabs on, but George R.R Martin has helped with this by each chapter being from a different characters perspective. This is not one for easy reading, you really have got to keep with it otherwise you are likely to miss something crucial. There really is so much going on with this series though that you will be completely hooked.

Unfortunately the books are now behind the TV series, this is because George R.R Martin  has not actually finished the last 2 books, us avid readers have been waiting quite a while as A Dance with Dragons was written 7 years ago. He keeps teasing us with saying it will be soon but we are still yet to see anything.

This series will most definitely not disappoint.


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